Dynamic display is a communication and marketing tool that allows information to be disseminated, in the form of multimedia content, in

  • Public places
  • On a screen,
  • A wall of screens or by video projection.

Generally, digital signage media are professional display screens,

or even television or computer screens.

These display racks can be placed indoors 

  • Store
  • Showcase
  • Business

Or outside

  • Giant billboards
  • Bus stops.

The contents broadcast are:

  • videos,
  • images,
  • internet pages,
  • graphics,
  • animated messages,
  • illustrations,
  • textual information,
  • RSS feeds,
  • social content,
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • slideshows,
  • flash animations, and more generally any type of multimedia content.

The distribution of content on digital media is made possible by additional equipment connected to the screen.

In the early days of digital signage, this equipment was a VCR,

reader DVD then it turned into a USB key or even a laptop.

Today, most of the existing solutions are based on compact and dedicated equipment allowing, via an Internet connection, the updating of content, in real time and remotely.

This material is called a player or player.




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